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  • Social Media Marketing
    All-inclusive social media solution provider including Product Page Creation, Fabrication, Periodic Profile Pictures & Cover Photos updating, Query Management, Periodic Content Deliverance, Engagement criteria identification and so on
  • Content Writing
    Composition of interesting and meaningful writings associated with the Brand and its underlined tonal clarity. Writings also includes the composition of Campaign Plan and phase wise content writing.
  • Pay Per Click
    We provide Pay per Click (PPC) facility which is generated by the every single click on a particular post or webpage.
  • Mobile Apps Development
    From the development of an idea into a App towards the coding and development of the App, Brandmyth Digital provides all kinds of solution for App development in popular platforms.
  • Web Hosting
    Website designing and hosting including Disk Space & Traffic, Uptime, Support, Pre-Installed Apps and so on
  • Domain Registration
    Domain registration activities including Registering Alternate Domain Name Extensions, Registering Domain Names to Protect Your Brand, Registering Descriptive Domain Names, Extending Your Domain Registration Term, Electing Private Domain Registration and Securing Your Domain Name Registration
  • Custom Email Design
    Monitoring, maintenance and upkeep of Custom Email address within domain registration.
  • Maps Search Optimization
    Map Searching Optimizing activities including Designing map based landmark for web application, Tune maps to optimize request performance, Save maps and publishing layers and so on


We combine the best of our skills and ideas to change the idea of web design.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

The team of adventurous and creative specialists in Digital word from Bangladesh.

Engage with Customers socially

As the world is moving more towards Digital Implementation, Social Medias are now an effective tool to advertise and get more engagement from the potential consumers.

Get the detailed feedback of your advertisement

Gone are the days when people scan through volumes of phone directories or browse through pages upon pages of broadsheets to look for information about a product or service. Now, at least 80% of consumers use the Internet to make their search for information a whole lot easier and convenient.

Real-Time Customer Service

This real-time response mechanism offered by digital marketing can give a big impact on the success of your business


Awesome combination of Creativity.


Shape your future web project with sharp design and refine coded functions.

Brandmyth Digital - Branding Mythically


If the Product’s Social Media management or any kind of digital solution business is the concern, Brandmyth is the name to be trusted for uncompromising deliverance and performance in digital realm.

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